Testing- one, two, three.

Is this thing on?

Hello world.

I should welcome you all to my WordPress, but that would imply that I have some kind of idea what’s going on here, which I don’t.

(Dashboard? That’s not a dashboard!! And what the hell are all these tabs down the left hand side of the page??)

Anyway, Mamma always told me it’s good to be polite to visitors.  So welcome to my blog all the same.

As implied up there ^^^, my name is Isabella De Luca. I am a student of Arts with Creative Writing in NUI Galway, Ireland. For my third year course credits, I have to complete an independent writing project in a medium and genre of my choice. Being a big-time Tumblr enthusiast, Twitterista and certified Facebook-creeper, keeping a blog seemed like the most natural progression for my writing persona. However, for a number of personal reasons, I’ve been putting off and putting off and putting off starting my work. I kept coming up with seemingly justifiable excuses,  the main one being that my editor-mentor for the year hasn’t gotten back to me yet (Hi Eoin!) (I have a bad feeling I’ve been dumped into his junk mail folder somewhere. What kind of email system would mistake me for junk??? D:) but as it usually does, the inspiration to break the seal struck me right as I was ready to fall asleep in bed tonight. So here I am. Bursting and ready to go.


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