From my diary, 26/5/07 (Age 14)

‘I once heard that each book is like a person’s life, sitting on your bookshelf, condensed and bound together, only to be appreciated by those willing to, and capable of, exploring it.  I’ve always believed that you never really own a book until you’ve not only read it, but read it properly. Like people, you can’t judge a story until you get to know it.

That’s what I try to accomplish by keeping a journal. Nobody knows a person than themselves, and at times when I feel misunderstood, sad, or even happy, I think that it’s important to record my feelings. It’s always interesting to read back over past emotions, as the reasoning behind them seems less incomprehensible the more times you consider them.

It’s the same with books. There are certain novels that I read again and again, but each time, I get a different message from the same words. That’s the beauty of good writing in my opinion.

The reasons I keep a journal are not so that I don’t have to tell people my secrets, not so I can record my immature teenage dilemmas, and not so that I can give out about people without facing the dire consequences. I write about my life so as to help me see my flaws and failings. So that one day I will recognise my triumphs and achievements. So that I can learn more about myself and the people around me.

I obviously need more practice in order to master the skill of capturing an entire person using only words. But maybe, and just maybe, these pages will some day be like a book, a person’s life sitting on my bookshelf, condensed and bound together, only appreciated by those willing to, and capable of, exploring it. However unlike a book, I’m quite certain that only my eyes will ever be able to appreciate it.’

I was a pompous sounding 14 year old.

I still agree with most of it.

But I’m out to prove that last line wrong. And to come to terms with the truth of the crossed out bit.

By writing  in what is essentially my diary-identity (albeit edited and slightly-censored), on a public internet forum instead of a private journal 🙂 And to get graded on it for college.

Sounds like I have a fun challenge ahead of me.


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