What to write.

-Personal reflections:

On my life as a no-longer teenager.

-Advice to my 13 year old sister:

It’d be a pity if all my pubescent ruminations were for nothing. The way she handles her experiences may teach me a thing or two, too.

-Wailings on Irish attitudes to mental health issues:

Because we’ve all been there. I would especially like to write about increasing awareness of these issues among adolescents.

-Feminist rants:

Of a belligerent nature. Slut-shaming makes me angry. As do cat callers. And people need to stop with the unsolicited ass-groping in nightclubs.

-SIN articles:

News pieces are pretty immune to my anxieties, for some reason. I’ve been putting a lot of time into my college paper, SIN News, lately, and my articles aren’t published anywhere else online (textually anyway, there is an e-version of the paper), so I guessed I may as well put them up here. See Curley Meets President Higgins to discuss being Young and Irish Initiative, below.

Students from Galway are on the net, right? There’s a chance they could stumble across this blog, couldn’t they? Apart from that, I would like all the writing I’m doing to count for grading. And it will look good for future employers to see my level of experience/expertise. They aren’t so bad for straightforward journalistic pieces. I’m sure I’ll improve over time too!

Coming soon to this category… A follow up article on President Higgins’ visit to NUI Galway… A taster of what happens when Culture night meets a Cube… And a review of JK Rowling’s first offering for adults!! All published here on isabelladeluca.com!

That last bit is supposed to be satirical or something by the way. I’m not sure whether or not it’s obvious sometimes.

After looking at this list I am already re-considering this crrraaaazzzy idea of putting everything in one place, but I need to do something about this writing strike. Not writer’s block,  writer’s strike! My head has been refusing to let the writer in me through!

In any case, I will direct you to my material in case of a change in address 🙂

Hopefully this will get my cogs spinning again.

A demain!

(I may attempt to speak French sometimes too. Regrettably :P)


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