Where to write.

Ciao a tutti!

(I’m half-Italian. Did my name give it away? I try to justify being Auditor of my college’s Italian Society by throwing in the odd parola here and there. Much like the cúpla focail. I went through that phase too. But we won’t go into my problems with the Irish language right now.)

ANYWAY, I know it doesn’t look like I’ve been doing a lot of writing, but I actually have. Honest.

Not as much as I should be really, seen as at least 25 of my third year ECTs are going for this project, but a little bit more than it appears considering I’ve only posted once in the last two weeks.

Truth is, this fancy new website intimidates me a little. Okay, a lot.

I set up a lot of other empty blogs (here and here and here) in an effort to categorize the topics that I’m planning to write about, but I’m turning out to be pretty difficult to pin down.

So, yeah. Three different categories doesn’t even begin to cover it.

My Age 14 post has been playing on my mind, mainly because I’m not sure what motivated me to publish it to begin with. But after writing this much and spending some time looking for people to follow here on WordPress, and getting very excited about all their different passions, I’m starting to wonder whether my train of thought was really that far off.

This whole stilted, professional form may come to suit me when I’m out in the big, bad writing world. For now though, I would like to use this space to explore myself and the world creatively. I’ll never make the most of this opportunity and 36-dollars-a-year-.com-domain unless I allow myself some freedom. Especially considering how much time I waste worrying about what to write instead of just doing it.

So I’m going to just do it. Welcome to the pixelized version of me, Isabella De Luca.

You mightn’t be interested in everything that I post about, but I think I have to write for myself first and foremost, or else I’ll never be able to write for my readers.

Hopefully there’s some way you can block topics from your reader (I’m learning the WordPress lingo! Yeah!) and send them straight into your email’s spam folder.

Otherwise… I’ve heard all these hours on the internet have given us a very low attention spa-……….


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