Societies and Hamsandwich make first NUI Galway University Ball a hit

Published in SIN News, 26 November 2012.

The first NUI Galway University Ball took place on 13 November in Áras na MacLéinn, and was hailed as a success by all those involved. With the help of a number of societies, the building was transformed into a lively festival venue for the night. Five dedicated spaces brought together the best entertainment, food, atmosphere and music our college has to offer.

Meatballs were on the menu in the Cube, or ‘La Casa De Jazz’, as it was renamed by Italian Soc. Cotton Ball Three entertained diners with a tailored set-list. Setting off the chilled atmosphere nicely, they were followed by a jazz duo on piano and trumpet, and the Notions, whose mixture of blues and roots completed the room’s entertainment with style. It would have been easy to forget you were still in rainy Galway, not a jazz bar in the classy quarter of an Italian city.

DJ Soc were given free reign in the View, pumping out their tunes of choice, while Cumann Farraige turned the Meeting Rooms into a mesmerizing underwater retreat. The Hub should be permanently renamed ‘The Room of Reclinement’ after its magical makeover by Potter and Astronomy Soc. Visitors were also invited to the Space to view a gallery of artwork and photographs on display by Art and Photo Soc, all to the relaxed backdrop of some classical and flamenco guitar.

The Bailey Allen was the focal point of the Ball’s performances. Conor Ward and Rofi James, familiar faces to anyone who enjoys the Acoustic Heats at Witless, were the first to take to the stage, accompanied by performers from Juggling Soc. The Rusty Fixtures, another Witless success story, then warmed up the platform for the act that everyone was waiting for.

Fresh from their success at Electric Picnic, Hamsandwich headlined the evening with an energetic show that had everyone up and dancing. DJ Soc closed the night and ball-goers proceeded to the Bentley for the official after-party. Bands and singers were sourced by Rock Soc, and the whole event was naturally recorded by Photo Soc and S|TV.

Lily McGarry, Societies Events and PR Manager, commended the efforts of everyone involved in the organisation of the Ball:

“The University Ball was a great success and on behalf on me and my colleagues I would like to thank the following; the societies who got involved, they created such diverse and appropriate atmospheres in their themed rooms, the volunteers and staff for their hard work, security and buildings, Riona Hughes and all the staff in the Socs Box for their fantastic support. Hamsandwich were no doubt the highlight of the night. They put on a great show, showed great energy and interacted fantastically with the crowd.”

Riona Hughes, Societies Officer, also wished to extend her gratitude:

“Thanks to the hard work and creativity of the societies Áras na Mac Léinn was transformed into a magical world of surprises. Thanks also to SU catering, the Buildings Office, security, Seagh MacSiurdain for helping with the lights, everyone in the Socs Box and of course the amazing team work of Lily McGarry, Thor McVeigh and Bryan Rabbitte, for their tireless work in making the event such a fabulous success. I look forward to future transformations of the student centre with more, big, student led events.”


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